Wanderscape /ˈwändər, skāp/ 

v. to wander to escape or escape to wander; 

adj. having strong desire to move in a leisurely, 
casual, or aimless way.

My friend and I coined the term on one simple day we’re just having one of our spontaneous discussions so don’t bother looking for it in the dictionary.

Wanderscaper. Born February 2014, Mt. Pulag National Park.

It all started with our hike in Mt. Pulag and the rest is history. Since then I started going and exploring the outdoor which had caused turmoil between me and my parents because they don’t like the idea of me going out there. I understand their predicaments – that it’s dangerous, partly because I’m a female and I’ll be with complete strangers, etc. – but it’s too late, I’ve been bitten by a travel bug and I am eager to see the rest of my beautiful country and more.

At this point of my life, I felt like an adolescent in my rebellion stage. I experienced asking permissions a dreadful task to do when I have plans to travel. I even customized my privacy settings in social media accounts just so they can’t find where I am. I started with going out with workmates and friends until I joined solo in events. I find myself slowly investing in gears. I became dissatisfied with all the selfies and focus more on the surroundings but I find my camera a no match in justifying the beauty of what I’m seeing at the moment.

During those times, I fell in love with the billion stars on a clear night sky. I fell in love with the sense of accomplishment when I reached the summit and got rewarded by an amazing views. I fell in love with the different kind of world that is the ocean. I made friends with people of different walks of life. And if you’re wondering if I ever got to fall in love with someone in the process, I did. And I still do.

Here’s a gallery of all the places I’ve been to in year 2014. The photos were of low quality but the memories in each uncaptured moments were irreplaceable.

Mt. Pulag Feb 2014

Baler March & May 2014

Mystical Cave x Pinto Art Museum Aug 2014

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant Sept 2014

Camp John Hay Nov 2014

SSSF, Sitio Liw-liwa Dec 2014

From one journey to the next, looking at all these photographs felt like leaping through time. Fast-forward, my parents already accept my gypsy soul.

This is how it all started for me.

Carpe diem.

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