Rare and Fascinating: Super Blue Blood Moon

January 31, 2018

A rare astronomical event, also called as the astronomical trifecta, happened in one night – (1) Blue moon, luna at its fullest the second time around in a month; (2) Supermoon, luna at its closest to the Earth at 223,068 miles (Space.com); (3) Blood moon, a total lunar eclipse. It was called Super Blue Blood Moon which many around the globe were thrilled to witness. A “triple treat” to skywatchers.

In the Philippines, this phenomenon where three lunar events coincides in one night was last observed in December 30, 1982 according to PAGASA. After 35 years, it grazed over our country’s night sky again. Here’s my take of the #SuperBlueBloodMoon2018 taken at PAGASA Astronomical Observatory in UP Diliman.

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Due to the limitation of my camera’s zooming capabilities, I wasn’t able to get a very close up photo of the moon during the eclipse without the aid of a telescope.

A Different Perspective

Since the observatory was full house that night, we decided to look for another area where we could take a better photo of luna. We walked around the Sunken Garden under the trees with the sight of the blood-like hued moon following us in between branches. We arrived in Guillermo E. Tolentino’s Oblation and decided to settled there to take few more photos of the moon and had our dinner.

A Closer Look

Then, knowing that the shadow of the Earth would soon clear away with the face of our celestial satellite, we went back to the observatory. Now with lesser crowd, we managed to finally have a look at the largest computer-based 45-cm telescope in the Philippines just in time at 11:11 PM where the Earth’s shadow was finally casted away from the moon’s surface.

We finished the whole event until pass midnight before we separate ways, not minding that we all have early work to do the next day. After all, this is “once in a Super blue blood moon”.

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