Hiking Notes: Mts. Fato and Kupapey

Sharing our actual and suggested itineraries in hiking Maligcong’s Famed Twins – Mts. Fato and Kupapey.

Mts. Fato – Kupapey Traverse
Actual Itinerary 
09:00HMt. Fato jump-off, start trek
09:30HView deck, photo-ops and rest
09:50HJunction to summit and traverse
09:55HMossy forest
10:05HSummit, photo-ops, rest and snacks
10:40HStart descent
10:45HJunction, take the trail travesing to Mt. Kupapey
11:20HJunction, trail en route to Mainit Hotspring, back to Sitio Favuyan, and straight ahead to Mt. Kupapey
11:40HSteep ridge
12:00HSummit of Mt. Kupapey, lunch and photo-ops
12:44HStart descending through the usual trail of Mt. Kupapey
13:00HFallow area *
13:33HRice terraces junction **
13:50HBack to Maligcong Terraces View Guest House

Suggested Itineraries:

This activity could be done in a day or two. If you’re a sucker for sunset like me, go to Mt. Fato in the afternoon. On a favorable day, the sunset is really beautiful up there. You may also see Mt. Patukan (Kalinga’s Sleeping Beauty) from afar. For a beautiful sunrise facing the famed Maligcong rice terraces, of course it’ll be in Mt. Kupapey’s summit. See the following suggested itineraries:

Mt. Fato dayhike
Suggested ItineraryAfternoon Hike
14:00HMt. Fato jump-off, start trek
15:00HView deck
16:30HSummit, wait for sunset, photo-ops and socials
18:00HStart descent
19:00HJump-off, end of trek
Mt. Kupapey dayhike
Suggested ItineraryEarly morning trek
04:00HMt. Kupapey jump-off, start trek
05:00HFallow area
05:30HSummit, sunrise - photo-ops and breakfast
07:00HStart descent
07:30HJunction, *explore terraces or go back to guesthouse

Other concerns:

📍 Watersource: None, bring enough water depending on your water consumption

📍 Guide fee: P800.00 for the traverse. Mt. Kupapey: P500.00/5 pax; Mt. Fato: P300.00/5 pax. There are no standard rate for guiding fee yet so you may find other blog post with different price.

📍 Suggested guide: Ate Rowena of Maligcong Terraces VIEW Guest House, 09151881732.

📍 Guest houses in Maligcong offer meal services as well.

📍 Bring your flashlight if you’ll be doing early or night treks.

📍 Overnight camping is not allowed as of the writing.

📍 You may also do the reverse, trek to Mt. Kupapey then traverse to Mt. Fato if you plan to do all the hiking activities in a day.

📍 You could include fun socials in your itinerary but make sure to practice the seven (7) Leave No Trace principles.

📍 * Some do their photo-ops in the fallow area as well.

📍 ** Instead of going straight ahead back to the guest house, you may explore the rice terraces too. Just ask your guide to help you as you roam around.

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