Hiking Notes: Mt. Mariveles

“Kidlat” – September 2015

How to Get There:

From Cubao to Alas Asin (vice versa)

Ride a Mariveles-bound bus

At Five Star bus terminal, look for Bataan Transit Co., Inc. bus:

First trip: 12MN

Last trip: 9:30PM

Fare: Php267.00

  • There’s a sign along the road of Brgy. Alas-asin showing the way to Tarak Ridge.

Actual itinerary:

Day 0:

2300H Meet up at Five Star, Cubao.

0000H Departure from Cubao to Alas Asin via Bataan Transit bound to Mariveles.

Day 1:

0300H Arrival at Brgy. Alas Asin, registration at the Barangay Hall (Php10.00)

0330H Start trek from the road sign.

0430H Nanay Cording’s house, continue trekking

0700H Papaya River

0800H Continue trekking

0930H Grassland towards the ridge

1040H Peak of Tarak Ridge, the Lonesome tree (aka Kidlat)

1100H Lunch

1200H Start descent

1400H Papaya River, swimming and photo-ops

1500H Start descent

1650H Nanay Cording’s house

1800H Arrival at the Barangay Hall, tidy up.

  •  Since the last trip of bus passing through Brgy. Alas-asin bound to Cubao was at six (6) in the afternoon, we rode a mini bus bound to Balanga instead. We did not reach the Balanga terminal, as we already spotted a bus going to Cubao and rode from there.
  • We were back to Cubao at around 2200H.


We were into moderate to fast pace, but have had long rest at Papaya River to and fro the ridge. One can opt to day hiked at the ridge, with short stops at Papaya River to save time, and have a sidetrip at Sisiman Bay, where trekking to San Miguel peak is also possible for around 20 to 30 minutes.

The difficulty of the trail is not for novice hikers, but if you want to challenge yourself, why not? I still believe in the power of determination and strong will.

Pinoy Mountaineer gave this a difficulty of 4/9.

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