Adventure as I see it


I find it in extreme rides in theme parks, during death-defying stunts or extreme sports seen in  television or the internet – those which are not for the faint of heart, but for the brave and the fearless.

As soon as I took a step in experiencing the outdoor, I also found out that “Adventure” is a term so vast  – it even extends to exploring mountain tops, swimming in the deep blue sea, chasing waterfalls, or just anything out of the ordinary. It could be really anything and is highly dependent on one’s perspective as well. Like for example I could go out and explore an unfamiliar place alone, talk with strangers, learn their dialect and find ways how to communicate with them effectively. I would find it adventurous in a different sense.  It is unusual, exciting, and sometimes requires you to face your own fears. 

Alone with the waves of Liw-Liwa – San Felipe, Zambales
Plan B: Found ourselves off the northeastern extremity of Mainland Luzon. – Palaui Island, Sta. Ana, Cagayan
Do it yourself with patience. – Binurong Point, Baras, Catanduanes
Surprise yourself. Surf! – San Felipe, Zambales

Note: Like most of us, I do want to capture every happenings in every adventure I take. Who wouldn’t want to have a souvenir of that maybe-once-in-a-lifetime moment? But those un-framed moment makes all the difference. Live in it and let it live within you.

– kaye

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