Take a Slice of the Trails’ Beauty

“Taking it slow, but it’s not typical…” – Roses by The Chainsmokers ft. ROZES

Sometimes, climbing mountains became a form of competition among the group. The first one to reach the top is the strongest, no doubt. I find myself guilty of proving my strength through that gauge as well, though I didn’t usually made it at the lead group. There are times that I want to take things slow and be more conscious of my surroundings. Through that, I often find peculiar things along the trail – beautiful, new, and sometimes rare – something you’ll probably missed out when you’re too focused on to your summit goal and your strength. Not that I’m against it, most of the fun happens during the climb itself and proving yourself strong enough to reach the summit first can also be fun and definitely challenging. After all, it is ourselves that we conquer and not the mountain. And sometimes taking it slow could lead to discoveries often overlooked in a fast-paced journey.


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